Do You pee Alone?


Do you pee alone?? Well do you? Do you go to the bathroom by
yourself, without a trail of toddlers coming up the steps behind you yelling
Mommy, Mommy Mommmmmmeeeee” Do ya get to do your business without having
spectators? Well, if so, then I would like to know how you do it, and I will
gladly pay you for any tips and tricks you may have. But right now,   I don’t. Not usually anyhow. If mommy has to
go to the bathroom, so does everyone under 6.
Unless my dear dear husband is home, I do not pee alone. I do not have
that privilege! But, my kids expect Mommy to wait OUTSIDE the door! – When they
are doing their business!

But, when my husband is home, he knows not to let them in
the bathroom, if mommy is in there. I don’t know, I guess it’s in the smart husband’s
marriage handbook!!! Ha! If the husband wants peace and quiet in the bathroom,
then he will give me peace and quiet in the bathroom!


Im sure there are other mothers out there who have not went
to the restroom alone, ever. And with that, I am very thankful that I have a
husband that lets me pee by myself. hahaha. No seriously, on a serious note, I
am trying to plan Father’s day. But, what do you do for a man who lets you pee
alone??? lol. ok ok all joking aside.


What do you do for a man, who you know is the best daddy
your kids could ever want. A daddy who is always there for his wife and kids, physically
mentally, and emotionally.  A daddy who
does not complain, who shares in the housework,  A daddy who makes sure his family is well
taken care of. Who makes sure his family is in touch with God, And in Church,
and growing together as a Christian family, and who helps out wherever he is
needed. A man who don’t need told to do the dishes to do them. A man that doesn’t
need told to bath the kids, before he does it. A man who puts his family’s
needs first, before his own. His family’s wants before his own. A Man who loves
his kids more than he could ever say. But he shows them his love every day, and
all thru the day. He makes sure his kids are healthy emotionally and
physically. A father that does not “need” the mothers helps when it comes to
things like taking the child to the hospital when they are sick, or taking the
child to the dr. for a well-child checkup.  A man who takes all 3 kids out with him to the
store, just so mommy can sweep the kitchen floor. Even if he’s just going to sheetz!
! A man who is fair, and kind, and generous, and helpful. A man who wants the
best for his kids, and strives every day to give it to them. What do you do for
a man who has never stepped away from your side for a second? A man who cares
for you when your ill, makes you laugh when your sad, hugs you when your
confused, and A man who not only TELLS you it will be ok,but shows you. What do
you do for the man, whose NEVER said, “Its your turn, you do it” I changed the
baby already today, you do it” Aren’t you taking the kids with you? Instead I
hear things like, “What can I do to help?” Im going to take all three kids out
fishing, so you can have some time” “Why don’t you go shopping, or tanning”
Honey, Your coffee pot is ready for in the morning” How did I ever find such a “winner”
(no pun intended) lol.

I will never take all he does for me and the family for
granted ever. I know I have in the past, because I became so used to living a certain
way. THEN I hear all these stories from girlfriends, wives, women, that complain
all the time. That they are unhappy, and sad. That they want a divorce, but don’t
want their child living without a father AND mother.  Their husbands don’t do dishes, or take out
trash, or bath the kids, or cook, or work, or help out in any way. And if they
do help out, they do it wrong, or have to be told 10,000 times before doing it.
Some husbands beat their wives, Cheat on their wives. Neglect their wives emotionally
and physically.  Disrespect their wives.
Lie to their wives; Treat their wives like children. Tell them what to do, how
to do it when to do it. Do not support their wives. Do not make their wives
feel special. I feel so bad for these women. Because NO, NOT ALL MEN ARE LIKE
THAT HUNNY! You can do better if you are putting up with living like this. You
are settling, and you shouldn’t be. You are better then that. All women deserve to be trated with respect. All men deserve to be treated with respect.

I hope I can show Will just how grateful and thankful I am for all he does for me on this Fathers day.  I love him so much. He is the kids hero. He inspires me. and I luv em.

Now………if I could only pee alone, when hes not here!

Happy Fathers Day to all you daddys out there.

God Bless,



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