Dinner Obligations???! Ugghh!

The cook was in the hospital all day with another case of severe hives. There fore there is no dinner prepared. What a shame. We are obligated to feed the little children anyhow- so we are loading up the food lovin munchkins to take them out to eat.
“Can we go to the park”-Says Sissy.
“Maybe.” Says the adults in Tandem
“First?” No we have to eat first. It is dinner time.
“No, I think its playground time actually” Grace said.
She is beginning to get a mouth on that little precious face of hers.
And I am so confused on where she gets it from.

Now, I dont mind going to the park, allthou I rather not to there during the hours of “melt and melt” which is what, like 11:30 in the morning/noon and til about 6:30 at night.
Last night we ventured up to the park in town and the kids played their hearts out. Grandma Rita took us, after she brought KFC to the house for dinner. (cook out of commisison from unbearable itchy rash. I dont want a person who has an unbearable itchy rash to cook me anythiing actually)
anyhow, she brought us food and took us tot he park. she played ball with Dlan, and frisbee with Grace. At the same time! Now, thats a grandma for ya!

Then she took us to get icecream at the tasty freeze, where Noah ate like he never ate before. To my surprise, he ddint get a drop of icecream on him, however hes a neat freak. He flips at the first sight of dirt, blood, mud, anything like that on his hands. I guess icecream included. So he is extra careful not to get the chocolate goodness all over him. lol.
Actually, I think I am hungry for more icecream now……..


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