Mystery Diagnosis

I feel horrible for Will. Thursday he started breaking out in what we thought to be poison. He got worse before bedtime, and then went to bed with Calamine lotion smothered all over his body.
He woke up with a swelled up face. Ears, eyes, lips, NOSE! chin, cheeks, everywhere was swelled up. The rash covered 3/4ths of his body.
Hospital bound. He went to the hosp. they told em it was hives. However, I thought it was poison, as he had all the classic symptoms of “severe allergic reaction to poison” Also, we discovered that we have poison ivy and possibly pison oak in our backyard, where he was working on his new boat.

The meds they gave him made the rash go away. he was tired and looked like an alcoholic allday, but none the less, he wasnt itchy. And he didnt look like dumbo with swollen ears
So, fast forward til today. He woke up this morning, SAME THING! Only hes now covered in this from forehead to ankles. HIs whole head is swollen.
“Honey, You should feel like a superstar! Alot of people pay big bucks to have their lips that big! You got it for free!!!!”
He wasnt amused. Sorry, I was only trying to shed some happiness with innaproprite humor. Utter fail obviously.
I told him I loved his fat lip. And Always
So, anyhow this morning its all the same again, and we dont kno what it is. We still thinkit has SOMETHING to do with posion, however, if the meds are taking it away, its not poison. But what about the oil in the poison?

His hands are swollen and very itchy, but arent red, or broke out. His wedding band is literally cutting his circulation off on his finger.
He just left for the hospital once more. (probably another utter fail) Those Dr.s are dumber then a box of rocks. They hand out random diagnoses like a flight attendent hands out peanuts.
I feel bad for him, I have hardly ever seen him sick, and in the 8 years that we been together, hes never been to the hospital, except a few years back he went to the hospital for a severe ear infection.
So, if HE is going TO the hosp. it is bad. He hates the hospital. More than the average person.

I just wish I knew what was going on. If its an allergic reaction its going to be hard to un-cover becasue he hasnt done anything different since yesterday (leaving hospital) and this morning, waking up in hives.
Wow, this should really stump the Dr. lol. I can tell you what the Dr. is going to say before he says it.
My mother, who is a registered Nurse, and very intellgient, and I, myself, who has been thru “the start” of nursing school ,and am in college now for nursing, well we know a little bit more then the average joe. But, thats only becasue of the career paths taken
We dont claim to know MORE then dr. or more then anyone.However, we have known more then the dr.s in the past. we have had a heck of a time in the medical world, ( with the kids, and myself and what not) and we have grown to know the hosp. better then the Dr. who works there,knows the hosp.

Toady, you have to KNOW what you HAVE before you go, then, you tell the Dr. what you have and it goes from there. We never ever let on to the Dr.s that we know a tid bit of medical information, it is better that way.

Anyhow, I am home with the kids, as Will has decided to drive himself down today. The kids are pulling one another on blankets and pillows, and Im pretty sure I just heard “I want a turn on the sled”
Oh the glorious days of imagination.
It is now time for mommys time out. I need coffee, and hopefulyl Will, will call to give me an update.
If anyone has had close to the same symptoms of what Will is having, maybe you can let me know. Looking for answers. Sadly, you dont get them at the hospital in this area.
Im still going with poison. Minor case of poison, severe case of being allergic tot he poison. I have never had it myself. But my kids have had hives, but they normaly went away and stayed away.
he is geting this “mystery illness” and it goes away and then it is back when he wakes up in the morning……..
Ta~Ta For now, its coffee time


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