Guns, knives, puppies and Fun

While most families in the united states of america are trying to beat the heat, and steer clear of anything but shade; My family does not!!  Now, typically we are swimming, or hanging out in the air conditioned house, coloring or painting,  and watching 1000x re- runs of Elmo & Friends. But not last night my friends. Last night we decided to venture on down to the county fair to watch the Demolition Derby, eat some good food and snacks, and let the kids play games. You kno the place!!!!! That place  where things are outrageously over priced, the carnies smell of booze, the rides are not safe, and we have to spend over 60  bucks on drinks so we dont get dehydrated!

We werent going there to ride rides or mingle with the carnival workers.  We were going for the annual Demolition Derby. We all really enjoyed the derby It was a great show.  It was just really, really hot. My mom and Pappy  Mick went, so the kids all liked that. The derby its self was great- given the fact that a girl won one of the rounds. It made it even better.  Her pink car literally smashed & smooshed all those boyz butts! (Or bumpers mind you!;)
The boys waiting on the Derby to start, and Noah checkin out his new Gun from Grandma Tina & Donny

So, one of my points is this:

We paid almost half of what we do when we go to big amusement parks, like Idlewild/Storybook Forest-for example. When you have 3 kids, who all want to play the same game, and all want the same things, it gets expensive. Example: Noah wants a “Ice-Snow” A.KA. “Snow Cone” Okay fine, 3 bucks. Then you times that by 3 kids. thats 9 bucks. Times that by a 4th child when the 3rd child drops theirs and promises not to drop the next one.

Then its cotton candy. Grandma got Dylan a bag of cotton candy, and then Will got 2 other bags for the other kids. Cotton candy was 14 dollars!!!! ( for 2 )

Dylan and Noah, watching the derby

Okay then we got drinks. lets just say we spent over 50 dollars on drinks. And thats with the water that my mom carries around in a cooler everywhere she goes. !!! so we had that, but still, we needed other drinks thru the evening. And mommy and daddy drank way to much lemonade.But at least we got some new, big cups! HAHA.

So besides all that junk food,we had to eat a well-balanced dinner right?  fried food of course! lol. Corn dogs, fries and italian sausages. We could have went to REDLOBSTER for the price we spent on Fair Food! Now, Dont get me wrong, I kno when we go to the fair, that it is over priced. It just seems like every year the prices get jacked up.

So, with both sets of grandparents at the fair, the kids lucked out. They each got to pick a new toy for gma rita&Pap Mick  to buy them, and they each got to pick a new toy for gma tina and Donny to buy them. One thing they all picked out were guns

^^^Noah, holdin his new gun, wouldnt put it down, to even play a game…..

Noah and Dylan….My little Winners 🙂



And those 3 guns are way toooooo noisy, and loud. Man, they are loud. And bright, they flash, they make noise, they are bright, and annoying. I never knew how annoying they would be, until I was woke up this morning at the crack of dawn being woke by the sounds and blasts of loud, obnoxious toy guns, as the kids all shoot one another in the middle of the living room. Thank you Grandma Tina and Donny! You guys  just paid over 40 bucks to annoy mommy & wake her up at the crack of  dawn!! lol. Just  How much do you’s hate me!? REALLY!? lol. How much!?!?!?!?

Guns, walking puppies, hats, glow lights etc. I am thankgul that Graces push-chair has a big space in the bottom, and has a canopy thing overhead that has pockets in it!! Thank you grandmas and grandpa’s  for everything, and thank you mom for getting the box to watch the derby in.  It was a great night, we all had a lot of fun.

Aren't these Tigers just SOOooo~ Beautiful! Omgosh! I just loved them. So pretty.
Daddy and Noah and grace- watchin the derby at the Fair

Daddy & Noah, his little buddy-Watching The Derby

the kids played all kinds of games after the derby. Dylan likes the “Ring A knife” game, where you have to try to win a knife, a pocket knife I believe, for the most part. He  won two of them. What kind of person hands out pocket knives to 6 and a half-year old boys? Now, yes, We, the  parents WERE standing right there, but heck, how did that guy know WE were his parents!? Does any other parents let their (almost) 7-year-old play a game where you WIN A KNIFE!? And then praise him for his efforts!? lol.


So, lets recap: So far my son has watched big cars smash into one another, possibly hurting one another severely, and liking it,  he’s won knives, and gma just bought him a (very loud) gun that takes “bullets.”

After all that we watched the Tiger Show. Where they train these Beautiful, amazing  White Tigers to perform and do tricks. Its really cool to watch. WEe all really enjoyed it.

One of the tigers In the show. They are so so beautiful. They performed so well, it was amazing. They were dancing, and everything. I think I was just as amazed as the kids, and I saw it before! lol. !!!

Anyhow, after the amazing, astonishing show, we were able to get our pictures taken with the tiger,. For five bucks of course. The tiger was in a cage like box and me, grace, Noah and Dylan all stood in front of and along side of the box,The kids really liked the “Big Kitty’s.”

Aren't these Tigers just SOOooo~ Beautiful! Omgosh! I just loved them. So pretty.


So, at 11:00 last night, we fought with graces buggy, and after it BIT ME, I got it folded and threw  in the van. Its a love/hate relationship I have with that thing. Then,I  threw all the prizes,guns,  and “winnings” into the van, cleaned up a spilled snow cone off Graces lap,  left outta there and headed home. With 2 more Italian sausages and one more extra large lemonade in tow.


Thanks grandmas and grandpa’s, and daddy, for such a fun evening. It was hot, and I think my body was melting, however, It was fun, and the kids had a blast. And Noah continues ……..Hes riding around on his sisters pink radio flyer 3 wheel, with his gun, AND with his dog on its leash tied to the 3 wheel, pulling it behind.

Grace is still taking her puppy for a walk. As she sat in her push chair, being pushed by daddy,  she carried the puppy on its “leash” around the fair last night, poking everyone who was un- fortunate enough to walk by her push chair Thank You Grandma Fiorita! We love the new addition to the family, named “Woof Woof”                                                                                                     Noah loves his new puppy as well, however, his puppys name is not being disclosed at this time.


Love making silly memories.

God Bless Always,






grace and her new Pink Star glow light, riding along, seeing what she can see, playin the games she can play and having an awesome time

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