I did not get it my way, burger king you stink tonight!

Hey Burger King, You lie. I DID NOT HAVE IT MY WAY. What is up with that?

My original goal was to come in here, let the kids eat and then while they played, sit on my laptop and ignore my children for 20 minutes while updating my blog while they played aimlesly for a while. sounds like a win win right? Wrong!  But what do I get?

I get a big sign that reads: Play area closed  until further notice., due to safety reasons

what the heck BURHER KING? Isnt theie slogan, have it your way? My way would have been to let my kids play while I sip my coffee and talk about things that I probably shouldnt even be talking about with the general public.

but, burher king has lied to me. they arent giving it to me my way. Now what am I doing?Im sitting here , stil writing on my laptop, but the kids think I am lying to them. they think the play area IS open. I tell you people,it is not. I tried to open the door twice, believe me, it is def. closed.

I even asked the manager why is it closed. She said for safetly reasons. Well folks, it looks safe to me.

Maybe some kid urinated in there. Or maybe even worse.  Alltho, that woudnt be a safety concern would it? It wouldnt be if they cleaned it up! Anyhow, I guess the bottom line is, the play place is closed. Boo!!! I am ot happy I didnt get it my way!

So, anyhow, gripe # 2- Rocky gap gave away all of their christmas light. I think that stinks! we would go to the rocky gap state park thing every year. often, we would go numerous times a year. ( well, a month I should say, it dont last all year) anyhow, i think it stinks that they quit it, I liked packing up the van, will, the kids and myself, and putting in the christmas tunes while driving slowly around  oohing and ahhing at the lights, sipping on hot cocoa. yes, that sounds war,, inviting and fun doesnt it. guess we  will have to stick to just driving around the towns in our christmas pajamas, santa hats and listening to chrismtas tunes and siping hot cocoa. tonight at the cumberland mall they will have a carriage ride, santa will be there, and his better half as well, frosty the snowman too!For a measily 2.00 a person, the carriage will drive you around the town to see the lights.

downfall, its in a carriage, well, thats a good thing overall,but not when its 3o some degrees out. i guess you can bundle up, grab your hot cocoa and go at it?

I just love this time of the  year.

This year I dont want santa to buy me anything. I want to bring me something.

An Elf. An elf that can wrap presents quickly, adorning them with sparkly ribbons and awesome bows . mainly cuz Im a neat freak when it comes to wrapping. and well I have mountians of things left to wrap and it takes about 30 minutes to  wrap one decent sized item.lol. And thats quick for me.lol.how horrible is that. its going to take me til NEXT christmas to get this stuff done man. ANYHOW, SANTA, if you hear me, I want an elf. gender dont matter, alltho, Id like a little cute one. without the pointed shoes tho they freak me out. Ohh, and if its a boy elf, maybe he could wear bright pink tights. that would make me laugh. I like to laugh.

I guess I better get the kids moving, given the fact that the play area is closed down they are getting antsy and started to complain that they are bored ‘If I knew the play area was closed we could of went somewhere nice for dinner.  I only came here in hopes of being able to blog in peace. lol. as you all know, I have not updated my blog in a long time. but thats a whole other blog. And well, as much as I would like to continue writing,I have one child that needs to pee and one that is throwing his happy meal toy across the restuarant. I guess  this is where I say Merry Christmas, Happy Holdays, And happy new year!


Insane mother at burger king


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