The ones who put up with me

My family is really the reason I blog. Or have “reasons” to blog I should say. They give me inspiration. In the moment, “inspiration” can take many forms:
such as:
a headache- caused by having to repeat myself 18 times within 13 minutes
a huge mess – often caused by glitter and glue. or an elbow into a cup of chocolate milk that lands 6 feet away,   or painting the cat red. ( accident “of course”) true stories
the most hilarious thing I ever heard- that day, week, or moment. i.e “Mom, dont forget your boobs” (says little noah as he hands me my bra, as im walking into the bathroom for a shower”
when life is just so crazy that you want to pull your hair out, but you realize that your family is preventing “bloggers block” for later,
My family gives me many forms of inspiration.
But so do complete strangers. Some of which I just want to slap. or drop kick in the head. except I cant get my leg up that high. and if I could, id probably pee a little.
So, the ones that I live with:
 Dylan, our oldest was born in 2004. Often referenced to as the practice child. the night he came home from the hospital, we had no frickin clue what to do with this little human. He didnt cry, he didnt make a peep from the moment he came through the birth canal, until we were discharged to home. BUT…..the first night we get home with him, he decides to cry. and cry. then he cried some more. he added in barfing. everytime we laid him down. we changed his onesie, bib and pjs probably 10 times, and eventually, we put him in his bassinet with a diaper and a bib. that is it. lol. poor kid. The 2nd time around tho, we were BLESSED with two. So, we didnt know what we were doing the first time with one, so the next pregnancy we got two little humans at once. The nurses insisted we take both home. the good news, is that I learned to do lots with my feet. Oh, back to dylan. . He is smarter than me. No, really. He teaches me something new everyday. And while he is only going into 5th grade, he has a 4.0 GPA, is well beyond his years,BUT…. he can not wipe pee off a toilet seat.He can build remote control legos from scratch, but I have to remind him to put his underwear away,  He is also at this phase where he doesnt want to kiss mommy anymore. I can kiss him. he will hug me. but he will not kiss me. That makes me sad. I believe that if I pushed you out of my vagina, you owe me kisses forever. Sorry bud- our middle child. Kind of. if you count being 3 minutes older then our youngest. Yep, they are twins. She
Grace- our middle child. Kind of. if you count being 3 minutes older then our youngest. Yep, they are twins. in true birth order fashion she is our middle child. if you count being 3 minutes older then our youngest. Yep, they are twins. but i dont think they realized what “twins” were until they were 5.  She is nurturing, but fierce. She isn’t a little diva, but she has her mammas lack of patience.. She also can stomp up the stairs and slam a door like a female pro trying to get a point across. She has her mama’s two left feet. we have been in the ER for her more times then I can count. but that is a post all in itsself.
 Noah- the last baby that will ever exit my body. He is the youngest, and the smallest. almost 8 years old and he can wear a 4T. hes a cuddle bug. wears his heart on his sleeve and when you ask for help, is he eager to lend a hand. he will come up to me through the day and just hug me and tell me he loves me. Then, last week,I heard him call someone a “douch bag” my heart stopped. i couldnt believe those words came out of that sweet little face. Not because hes “perfect” ( but bc me and his dad dont say that word) now if he said, “omg, how long does a FAST EFFING FOOD drive thru take!!!?” OR….why in the hell is there a pinecone in the living room? OR even, I wish this fucking idiot would learn to fucking drive and get the hell outta my way!
but douche bag? No. I dont think i have ever said that before. I kno i havent. except I do now. my 7 year old has me saying douche bag. (usually not in front of him) But that doesnt make my other choice words any better. It also seems I may have given him my OCD. but again, thats another post.
Dylan, Who will be six in a few days, and is in Kindergarten is Very smart. Very sweet. Likes being grandmas boy. Hates bedtimes.  He loves fishing with Daddy. He loves hunting with daddy. He hates it when hes built a “masterpiece” and his younger siblings knock it over. He loves books and playing games. He hates getting up in the mornings.
Dylan, On his skateboard

Dylan loves skateboarding

Grace, Shes the oldest twin, by 4 minutes. Which this year makes her three years big. She loves dressing up, and putting on her jewerly and painting her nails. she likes having her hair braided by her good friend Tikki Harding. .She loves to dance and loves to  go shoe shopping, she hates when she is playing with a toy, and her brother comes and takes it away. She loves swimming. She loves her new pearls daddy got her.
Our beautiful Gracie Girl

Gracie, loves the camera

our three beautiful angels

Noah Rylan, The baby of the bunch. Hes mommys little man. He wears his heart on his sleeve, He has compassion for others, but still doesnt like to share. He loves running around the house while you have to chase him, he loves reading books on mommys lap, he hates it when he hears the word no, and hates getting out of the bathtub, as he loves water. He loves his elmo blanket, and hates when  it falls outta bed at night.
Our Baby Noah

Noah , our smallest angel

How lucky to have twins!! We are Double Blessed!!!!
The twins

Grace, The oldest Twin, Noah the youngest twin. 4 Minutes Apart.

The Love Of My Life
I have been with  Will for the past seven years. We have a BEYOND  great relationship. we do not fight, we do not argue. we have gotten along GREAT since day one. we can alugh at each other, we complete each others thoughts and sentances. he still writes me sweet little love letters til this day, and everyday, without a doubt he does not go without showing me how much he loves me.  He respects me, he loves me for me, he helps me with everything, and most of all he completes my heart. hes the best father to our children. I could honestly say, that I cant ask for more from this man,. He makes it feel like everyday, is mothers day in my life. Hes never let us go without, he gives us everything we need. and gives us what we want. He makes sure we are happy. 24/7. Will is amazing. . After 7 years, we still love each other like we first met. I love him very much. I could not live my life without him, I WOULD Be lost. I wish I could find the words to say how much he means to me. He is the owner of the keys to my heart.

♥ My Likes ♥

I like praying first thing in the morning, I  like having family bible studies for the kids, I like that my kids are growing up in church, I like that my family ( my mom, step dad, ect) are involved in church, I like that I have faith to know that “everything will be alright .” I like knowing that Will, will never let us go without the things we need, I like family road trips, I like napping  when its thunder storming, I like waking up to see that Will allready has the coffee made, I like going on family vacations, I like taking spontaneous road trips with my family, I like doing arts and crafts with the kids, I like teaching the ids new things, I like being with my family and friends, and making alot of great memories along the way, I like it when everyone puts their dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, I like smiling at strangers, I like helping everyone I can, and dont like to have to say NO to anyone, I like when will kisses my forehead, I like that Will treats me like a queen and his daughter a princess, I like it that will does just as much as me, as a father and  with the kids, I like going to the market, I like my toes in the sand I like watching icecream drip from the kids chins, I like it when people have kind words to say to me, I like saying kind words to others, I like to listen to peoples problems and help when I can, I like flowers and gardening, I like scrapbooking, and taking pictures,I like having a million candles in my house, I like changing candle scents with the changing of the seasons, I like hazelnut coffee and caramels and maple sugar scents in the fall, I like apple Cinnamon and pine in the winter. I like packing my kids school lunches, Im addicted to anything “Febreeze” I like writing, and I like that all my teachers form Kindergarten up, swore  that I would be a journalist. I like sheetz French vanilla coffee, I live on it, I like  McDonalds fries, but only with lots of sweet and sour sauce, I like bath and body works perfumes and spraysm but I like Victoria secrets more, I like taking walks as a family, I like shopping with my 3 year old daughter, I like getting up 30 minutes before the kids to have my coffee and cigerettes so I can get moving before they start terorizing, I like cuddling with the kids at the end of the day, I like it when my kids lay their heads on my shoulder, and fall asleep there, I like when my niece stays the night, with grace, and I like when I see them playing babydolls and hair salon, I like when I see the kids getting along, and making memories. I like being involved in dylans school as much as possible, I like the smell of the beach on the boardwalk, i like feeding ducks, I like hayrides, I like the fact that me and will have been together for over 7 years and still are in love like we were  and a half years ago, I like collecting dolphin things, and beach scenery things, i like seashells, i like finger painting, i like planning things, such as birthday parties and events, I like knowing that methadone saved my life 3 years ago, I like knowing that methadone saved wills life 3 years ago, I like the fact that I KNOW im a damn good mother, and I like knowing that i try my best every single day, day in and day out, to make these kids lives as happy and fun and safe and healthy  and memorable as possible. I like the fact that the kids think im their hero, i like the fact  that Dylan thinks im the most beautiful perosn in the world, I like the fact that me and will are teacing Dylan how to be a true gentlemen and how to treat women, I like that my kids like church. I like that my pastor can relate to me on many different levels, I like blasting christian rock music and I like that the kids love it. I like that my daughter is happy, disabled or not. I like my life the way it is. perfact in someone else’s eyes? Probably not. perfect in mine? Nope. not perfect, but  right. happy. blessed. I like knowing that I think it wouold be BORING to have a “perfect” little life. I like everything about my life and I like knowing that I will forever do my best at being a great mother, I will forever do my best in maintaiing a wonderful relationship with the man I love. I like  having friends and family who love me unconditionally .

So, Im not really sure what more I could tell you “About Me”But, I will do this. If anyone at all, has any more “wonders” …about me, Just ask! Thats it! You can ask in a comment, you can message me, or email me.
which Ill jott my addy down here, so you dont have to go search for it
so, thats a “little bit” about me and my family. Thanks for stopping by, and dont forget, if you have anymore questions, at all, about anything, good or bad, just ask!


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