Nothing joyful about potty trained children! (at least not today)……

So,Ill get to the potty training Vs. Diapers debate in a sec….but first………………..


the witching hour typically involves book bags being tossed anywhere they land, kids hanging off the freezer door as if they have went 7.8 days without eating  and  whining that they dont like whats being cooked for dinner. searching frantically for a pencil sharpener because someone has homework to do and only possesses an un sharpened pencil. digging thru pajamas that should have been folded up the day before, and wondering where I put my super-mom cape.

it must have gotten mixed up with all that unfolded laundry

Dinner is on the table, thanks to daddy. we all sit down to eat and………………….

Dylan: “I do not eat burgurs”

that is what he wrote with his pencil that we sharpened after looking for a sharpener  for 20 minutes. he wrote it on his dinner napkin, and then passed it to me as if he was a 3rd grader, secretly passing a love note in class.

Lookin at him with that motherly suspicion, ( one eyebrow raised & i kno your up to something kind of look) i pick up the napkin. i discover hes referring to  the juicy cheeseburger that his father just cooked for dinner, sittin before him on his plate, next to his veggie and fries.

mom: “Yes you do. you ate one last week!”

Dylan: I wont do it”

mom:  “you’re crazy!” no wait, im crazy, im having a conversation with my 7 year old on a dinner napkin at the dinner table.


MOM: (WHAT! WHAT IN THE WORLD! since when can he write short stories about meat? well, i guess with that brilliance he don’t have to eat the burger……

but he  did compromise. He ate double cauliflower and broccoli instead. what kid eats more veggies than burgers?

obviously a veggie eating genius child, thats who! (lmao)

Something else I never thought Id say. I MISS THE DIAPER DAYS!!!


diapers vs potty. You be the Judge


Why is it that we try so hard to make our children pee on a toilet?  Come on think about it for a second..

ESPECIALLY when you are potty training twins. what we dont understand at the time is that were not potty training them! no!!! we are training them to need to go to the bathroom at the most inconvienant times! when one child says they have to pee, the other child, typically twin B, EVEN LOUDER announces, I HAVE PEE TOO!

with boys its easier. they can typically go anywhere. in the car? sure, just pull over and bam done. out fishing? why not? there is no squatting involved with boys. no wiping. no sitting or tryin to master yoga like positions just so you dont pee on your hand.

sometimes i belive the diaper days more easier. might of costed more, but definitely easier.


 your in a hurry. your running late to your childs 4 Yr  “well child check up.” you just looked for your keys for an hour, that were actually in the bottom of your purse. you frantically discover that someone wanted to play playdoh unsupervised while you took 6 minutes to get ready to go. and by ready to go I mean wiping snot off your shirt. and that snot wasnt even yours. Pulling your hair up, and throwin on flip flops, because if you put tennis shoes on that will just take to long. okay your ready to go, and you will clean the play doh mess up later.

you go for the door and say, “does anyone have to pee?”

Twin A-“no mommy”

Twin B- Nooooo momma

Child that has been potty trained for 5.5 years-“NO!!!!”

“Okay then, I dont wanna hear that you have to pee when were on the way to the dr !there will be no where to go.

ok mommy

ok mommy

ok mom

Hussle 3 kids to the van. buckle 3 kids in van. realize I forgot keys. back in house. back out of house. sit down in van, and breathe .


Yes?…….i say with an apprehensive tone

I have to peeeeeeee. (twin B)


mommy? I have to pee too. (TWIN A)

Yes. I figured…..

Why cant kids pee before getting in the van? i could understand if this only happened like 4x. but no  its like every other tine we get in that thing! now if it was just noah i would say, “so? get out and pee!”

boy I hope he dont continue this until the teenage years. Once your older than 4 the law isnt so lenient on peeing in public

but, no grace is a different story. she cant just get out and pee. no. we have to get them unbuckled. lug em all back in the house. up the steps. listen to them argue over who has to go worse. wish i had two bathrooms. hands washed.  finally done, back to car. get to dr 3 minutes before they were about to make us re schedule

Example TWO-

In room 2 we  get them un dressed so the Dr. can exam them. You can guess whats next…..

As you see, if a child was in diapers, they would just go. just poop! But no, we have to train them to demand a potty ever time they feel an urge. we teach them to expect a potty dance every time they make a doo-dee. did we get excited when the doo-dee was made in the diaper? no. actually, back then  we frowned upon it. BUT, that was when we didnt know any better!

Another Example!-

waiting in line at the check out? wearing a diaper? just poo!

wearing undies? get out of line that you just waited in for 20 minutes, push child in buggy at racecar speeds to reach the bathroom in time, only to discover they only had to fart. yes ppl, this is aggravating.

Swimming in a public pool Now heres a goodie. Diapered child? throw a little swimmer on their tan tush and let it rip. no fear, your little swimmer is near. potty trained child?

After they state that they have to pee as loud as they can, so everyone can hear including the lifeguards you have to make a quick decision. do you tell him to just go? like 50% of parents? or ……. do you quickly get him and you out of the pool as if you would have done the same thing if he quietly told you he had to go?

Fishing. ( and yes this experience was from tonight. March 27th 2012)

after a little while of fishing, Noah says, “Mommy, I have to pee” I jump up fast like I just sat on a box of nails as if I was tryin to stop that sentence from reaching Graces ear drums.

To late. Sound travels to fast!

“Grace, you dont have to pee, you only have to pee because Noah has to pee”

“Yes, I doooooooo”

No, you dont, just wait a few minutes. then we will go.Wait til brother gets back.

But I have to go real bad. Not just REAL bad, but with emphasis on the real and a little whine on the bad.

I did what any tired mother who knew better would do. I handed her a snack hoping she would eat it and forget about” needing to pee” noah was done back from his little visit to the bush and grace wasnt giving up.

did she not see that her only options were bushes and one nasty (and far away) portipotty?? (sp?)  its not that it was nasty, but it was like, seriously a far hike!

I pick her up and carry her up the hill and thru the woods to the portipotty we go!!! we get there and I show her option 2. (which was the portipotty) I ask her once again, are you sure you have to pee?? Yes mommy. I dooooo.

I open the door there are cobwebs covering the seat.

enough said!!!!!!!!!! cobwebs? diapers? cobwebs? diapers?

diapered child? they would have peed, and then you could have taken them to the car, which is closer than the portipotty, changed them, and then re-joined the party.

SO FOLKS,as we thought the hardest part of potty training was the initial “training” part we were wrong! But the tough part is actually once they get the hang of it!

you never had to FIND a diaper but you aways have to find your 2 and 3 and 4-year-old child who insists they have to pee AGAIN, a bathroom and why is it that once your kid is potty trained you then realize how many women actually pee ON the seat and not in it?

yeah, there are perks of having a child being potty trained. you save money. you dont have to wipe their rear ends. it smells better. (usually) lol. You dont have to pack a diaper bag. you dont have to run to walmart at midnight  because someone forgot to pick up diapers while they were there at 4pm.

but come on! I think my twins share a bladder!

well friends, UntilNextTime, Ill be running sprints to the powder Room




I did not get it my way, burger king you stink tonight!

Hey Burger King, You lie. I DID NOT HAVE IT MY WAY. What is up with that?

My original goal was to come in here, let the kids eat and then while they played, sit on my laptop and ignore my children for 20 minutes while updating my blog while they played aimlesly for a while. sounds like a win win right? Wrong!  But what do I get?

I get a big sign that reads: Play area closed  until further notice., due to safety reasons

what the heck BURHER KING? Isnt theie slogan, have it your way? My way would have been to let my kids play while I sip my coffee and talk about things that I probably shouldnt even be talking about with the general public.

but, burher king has lied to me. they arent giving it to me my way. Now what am I doing?Im sitting here , stil writing on my laptop, but the kids think I am lying to them. they think the play area IS open. I tell you people,it is not. I tried to open the door twice, believe me, it is def. closed.

I even asked the manager why is it closed. She said for safetly reasons. Well folks, it looks safe to me.

Maybe some kid urinated in there. Or maybe even worse.  Alltho, that woudnt be a safety concern would it? It wouldnt be if they cleaned it up! Anyhow, I guess the bottom line is, the play place is closed. Boo!!! I am ot happy I didnt get it my way!

So, anyhow, gripe # 2- Rocky gap gave away all of their christmas light. I think that stinks! we would go to the rocky gap state park thing every year. often, we would go numerous times a year. ( well, a month I should say, it dont last all year) anyhow, i think it stinks that they quit it, I liked packing up the van, will, the kids and myself, and putting in the christmas tunes while driving slowly around  oohing and ahhing at the lights, sipping on hot cocoa. yes, that sounds war,, inviting and fun doesnt it. guess we  will have to stick to just driving around the towns in our christmas pajamas, santa hats and listening to chrismtas tunes and siping hot cocoa. tonight at the cumberland mall they will have a carriage ride, santa will be there, and his better half as well, frosty the snowman too!For a measily 2.00 a person, the carriage will drive you around the town to see the lights.

downfall, its in a carriage, well, thats a good thing overall,but not when its 3o some degrees out. i guess you can bundle up, grab your hot cocoa and go at it?

I just love this time of the  year.

This year I dont want santa to buy me anything. I want to bring me something.

An Elf. An elf that can wrap presents quickly, adorning them with sparkly ribbons and awesome bows . mainly cuz Im a neat freak when it comes to wrapping. and well I have mountians of things left to wrap and it takes about 30 minutes to  wrap one decent sized And thats quick for horrible is that. its going to take me til NEXT christmas to get this stuff done man. ANYHOW, SANTA, if you hear me, I want an elf. gender dont matter, alltho, Id like a little cute one. without the pointed shoes tho they freak me out. Ohh, and if its a boy elf, maybe he could wear bright pink tights. that would make me laugh. I like to laugh.

I guess I better get the kids moving, given the fact that the play area is closed down they are getting antsy and started to complain that they are bored ‘If I knew the play area was closed we could of went somewhere nice for dinner.  I only came here in hopes of being able to blog in peace. lol. as you all know, I have not updated my blog in a long time. but thats a whole other blog. And well, as much as I would like to continue writing,I have one child that needs to pee and one that is throwing his happy meal toy across the restuarant. I guess  this is where I say Merry Christmas, Happy Holdays, And happy new year!


Insane mother at burger king

Guns, knives, puppies and Fun

While most families in the united states of america are trying to beat the heat, and steer clear of anything but shade; My family does not!!  Now, typically we are swimming, or hanging out in the air conditioned house, coloring or painting,  and watching 1000x re- runs of Elmo & Friends. But not last night my friends. Last night we decided to venture on down to the county fair to watch the Demolition Derby, eat some good food and snacks, and let the kids play games. You kno the place!!!!! That place  where things are outrageously over priced, the carnies smell of booze, the rides are not safe, and we have to spend over 60  bucks on drinks so we dont get dehydrated!

We werent going there to ride rides or mingle with the carnival workers.  We were going for the annual Demolition Derby. We all really enjoyed the derby It was a great show.  It was just really, really hot. My mom and Pappy  Mick went, so the kids all liked that. The derby its self was great- given the fact that a girl won one of the rounds. It made it even better.  Her pink car literally smashed & smooshed all those boyz butts! (Or bumpers mind you!;)
The boys waiting on the Derby to start, and Noah checkin out his new Gun from Grandma Tina & Donny

So, one of my points is this:

We paid almost half of what we do when we go to big amusement parks, like Idlewild/Storybook Forest-for example. When you have 3 kids, who all want to play the same game, and all want the same things, it gets expensive. Example: Noah wants a “Ice-Snow” A.KA. “Snow Cone” Okay fine, 3 bucks. Then you times that by 3 kids. thats 9 bucks. Times that by a 4th child when the 3rd child drops theirs and promises not to drop the next one.

Then its cotton candy. Grandma got Dylan a bag of cotton candy, and then Will got 2 other bags for the other kids. Cotton candy was 14 dollars!!!! ( for 2 )

Dylan and Noah, watching the derby

Okay then we got drinks. lets just say we spent over 50 dollars on drinks. And thats with the water that my mom carries around in a cooler everywhere she goes. !!! so we had that, but still, we needed other drinks thru the evening. And mommy and daddy drank way to much lemonade.But at least we got some new, big cups! HAHA.

So besides all that junk food,we had to eat a well-balanced dinner right?  fried food of course! lol. Corn dogs, fries and italian sausages. We could have went to REDLOBSTER for the price we spent on Fair Food! Now, Dont get me wrong, I kno when we go to the fair, that it is over priced. It just seems like every year the prices get jacked up.

So, with both sets of grandparents at the fair, the kids lucked out. They each got to pick a new toy for gma rita&Pap Mick  to buy them, and they each got to pick a new toy for gma tina and Donny to buy them. One thing they all picked out were guns

^^^Noah, holdin his new gun, wouldnt put it down, to even play a game…..

Noah and Dylan….My little Winners 🙂



And those 3 guns are way toooooo noisy, and loud. Man, they are loud. And bright, they flash, they make noise, they are bright, and annoying. I never knew how annoying they would be, until I was woke up this morning at the crack of dawn being woke by the sounds and blasts of loud, obnoxious toy guns, as the kids all shoot one another in the middle of the living room. Thank you Grandma Tina and Donny! You guys  just paid over 40 bucks to annoy mommy & wake her up at the crack of  dawn!! lol. Just  How much do you’s hate me!? REALLY!? lol. How much!?!?!?!?

Guns, walking puppies, hats, glow lights etc. I am thankgul that Graces push-chair has a big space in the bottom, and has a canopy thing overhead that has pockets in it!! Thank you grandmas and grandpa’s  for everything, and thank you mom for getting the box to watch the derby in.  It was a great night, we all had a lot of fun.

Aren't these Tigers just SOOooo~ Beautiful! Omgosh! I just loved them. So pretty.

Daddy and Noah and grace- watchin the derby at the Fair

Daddy & Noah, his little buddy-Watching The Derby

the kids played all kinds of games after the derby. Dylan likes the “Ring A knife” game, where you have to try to win a knife, a pocket knife I believe, for the most part. He  won two of them. What kind of person hands out pocket knives to 6 and a half-year old boys? Now, yes, We, the  parents WERE standing right there, but heck, how did that guy know WE were his parents!? Does any other parents let their (almost) 7-year-old play a game where you WIN A KNIFE!? And then praise him for his efforts!? lol.


So, lets recap: So far my son has watched big cars smash into one another, possibly hurting one another severely, and liking it,  he’s won knives, and gma just bought him a (very loud) gun that takes “bullets.”

After all that we watched the Tiger Show. Where they train these Beautiful, amazing  White Tigers to perform and do tricks. Its really cool to watch. WEe all really enjoyed it.

One of the tigers In the show. They are so so beautiful. They performed so well, it was amazing. They were dancing, and everything. I think I was just as amazed as the kids, and I saw it before! lol. !!!

Anyhow, after the amazing, astonishing show, we were able to get our pictures taken with the tiger,. For five bucks of course. The tiger was in a cage like box and me, grace, Noah and Dylan all stood in front of and along side of the box,The kids really liked the “Big Kitty’s.”

Aren't these Tigers just SOOooo~ Beautiful! Omgosh! I just loved them. So pretty.


So, at 11:00 last night, we fought with graces buggy, and after it BIT ME, I got it folded and threw  in the van. Its a love/hate relationship I have with that thing. Then,I  threw all the prizes,guns,  and “winnings” into the van, cleaned up a spilled snow cone off Graces lap,  left outta there and headed home. With 2 more Italian sausages and one more extra large lemonade in tow.


Thanks grandmas and grandpa’s, and daddy, for such a fun evening. It was hot, and I think my body was melting, however, It was fun, and the kids had a blast. And Noah continues ……..Hes riding around on his sisters pink radio flyer 3 wheel, with his gun, AND with his dog on its leash tied to the 3 wheel, pulling it behind.

Grace is still taking her puppy for a walk. As she sat in her push chair, being pushed by daddy,  she carried the puppy on its “leash” around the fair last night, poking everyone who was un- fortunate enough to walk by her push chair Thank You Grandma Fiorita! We love the new addition to the family, named “Woof Woof”                                                                                                     Noah loves his new puppy as well, however, his puppys name is not being disclosed at this time.


Love making silly memories.

God Bless Always,






grace and her new Pink Star glow light, riding along, seeing what she can see, playin the games she can play and having an awesome time

Dinner Obligations???! Ugghh!

The cook was in the hospital all day with another case of severe hives. There fore there is no dinner prepared. What a shame. We are obligated to feed the little children anyhow- so we are loading up the food lovin munchkins to take them out to eat.
“Can we go to the park”-Says Sissy.
“Maybe.” Says the adults in Tandem
“First?” No we have to eat first. It is dinner time.
“No, I think its playground time actually” Grace said.
She is beginning to get a mouth on that little precious face of hers.
And I am so confused on where she gets it from.

Now, I dont mind going to the park, allthou I rather not to there during the hours of “melt and melt” which is what, like 11:30 in the morning/noon and til about 6:30 at night.
Last night we ventured up to the park in town and the kids played their hearts out. Grandma Rita took us, after she brought KFC to the house for dinner. (cook out of commisison from unbearable itchy rash. I dont want a person who has an unbearable itchy rash to cook me anythiing actually)
anyhow, she brought us food and took us tot he park. she played ball with Dlan, and frisbee with Grace. At the same time! Now, thats a grandma for ya!

Then she took us to get icecream at the tasty freeze, where Noah ate like he never ate before. To my surprise, he ddint get a drop of icecream on him, however hes a neat freak. He flips at the first sight of dirt, blood, mud, anything like that on his hands. I guess icecream included. So he is extra careful not to get the chocolate goodness all over him. lol.
Actually, I think I am hungry for more icecream now……..

Mystery Diagnosis

I feel horrible for Will. Thursday he started breaking out in what we thought to be poison. He got worse before bedtime, and then went to bed with Calamine lotion smothered all over his body.
He woke up with a swelled up face. Ears, eyes, lips, NOSE! chin, cheeks, everywhere was swelled up. The rash covered 3/4ths of his body.
Hospital bound. He went to the hosp. they told em it was hives. However, I thought it was poison, as he had all the classic symptoms of “severe allergic reaction to poison” Also, we discovered that we have poison ivy and possibly pison oak in our backyard, where he was working on his new boat.

The meds they gave him made the rash go away. he was tired and looked like an alcoholic allday, but none the less, he wasnt itchy. And he didnt look like dumbo with swollen ears
So, fast forward til today. He woke up this morning, SAME THING! Only hes now covered in this from forehead to ankles. HIs whole head is swollen.
“Honey, You should feel like a superstar! Alot of people pay big bucks to have their lips that big! You got it for free!!!!”
He wasnt amused. Sorry, I was only trying to shed some happiness with innaproprite humor. Utter fail obviously.
I told him I loved his fat lip. And Always
So, anyhow this morning its all the same again, and we dont kno what it is. We still thinkit has SOMETHING to do with posion, however, if the meds are taking it away, its not poison. But what about the oil in the poison?

His hands are swollen and very itchy, but arent red, or broke out. His wedding band is literally cutting his circulation off on his finger.
He just left for the hospital once more. (probably another utter fail) Those Dr.s are dumber then a box of rocks. They hand out random diagnoses like a flight attendent hands out peanuts.
I feel bad for him, I have hardly ever seen him sick, and in the 8 years that we been together, hes never been to the hospital, except a few years back he went to the hospital for a severe ear infection.
So, if HE is going TO the hosp. it is bad. He hates the hospital. More than the average person.

I just wish I knew what was going on. If its an allergic reaction its going to be hard to un-cover becasue he hasnt done anything different since yesterday (leaving hospital) and this morning, waking up in hives.
Wow, this should really stump the Dr. lol. I can tell you what the Dr. is going to say before he says it.
My mother, who is a registered Nurse, and very intellgient, and I, myself, who has been thru “the start” of nursing school ,and am in college now for nursing, well we know a little bit more then the average joe. But, thats only becasue of the career paths taken
We dont claim to know MORE then dr. or more then anyone.However, we have known more then the dr.s in the past. we have had a heck of a time in the medical world, ( with the kids, and myself and what not) and we have grown to know the hosp. better then the Dr. who works there,knows the hosp.

Toady, you have to KNOW what you HAVE before you go, then, you tell the Dr. what you have and it goes from there. We never ever let on to the Dr.s that we know a tid bit of medical information, it is better that way.

Anyhow, I am home with the kids, as Will has decided to drive himself down today. The kids are pulling one another on blankets and pillows, and Im pretty sure I just heard “I want a turn on the sled”
Oh the glorious days of imagination.
It is now time for mommys time out. I need coffee, and hopefulyl Will, will call to give me an update.
If anyone has had close to the same symptoms of what Will is having, maybe you can let me know. Looking for answers. Sadly, you dont get them at the hospital in this area.
Im still going with poison. Minor case of poison, severe case of being allergic tot he poison. I have never had it myself. But my kids have had hives, but they normaly went away and stayed away.
he is geting this “mystery illness” and it goes away and then it is back when he wakes up in the morning……..
Ta~Ta For now, its coffee time

Playground wars& Playground Etiquette!!!! Take Note Parents!

Playgrounds are meant to be fun. They are meant to be enjoyed with your children. However, my last few occurrences at them, have been less than thrilling.

Somewhere there has to be a playground etiquette book! And if not, Im writing one, and then handing them out to everyone at the playground!

1) Lets start with last night. The kids were promised a trip to the park after dinner, and after it cooled off. We arrive to the park and I get out of the car. I feel a burst of wind. It wasnt through my hair. I realized that I had a giant hole in the (butt) of my pants. I pull my shirt down to cover it, and the Hubby tells me, “Your going to have to go home and change” I leave him and the kids there for a minute and go home to retrieve pants that will not offend anyone.

Once back at the playground, I notice Grace has a HUGE red bump on her right temple, that she did not have before my pants incident.

Me: What happened Babe??

Grace:Boy hit me

Me: Will,did Noah hit her???

Will: No, that kid there did. ( pointing to a small red-headed child, now in time out on a bench.)

Me: WHAT! Why! Uggh,Why!!!?

This child appeared to be about 28 months old. accompanied by is parents, and  7 day old baby brother.

I shrugged this off, as playgrounds can be dangerous places to begin with! They are filled with rambunctious 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,and 9 year olds! Probably 10-13 year olds as well. Kids run into each other,kids go down the slides to quick before the next child is off! apparently My child did not hear me when I taught him to wait for the person in front of you to walk away from the slide before going down. However, these little incidents are usually “accidents” Playground happenings. The “norm” What occurred last night was just plain rude.

After sliding down the same slide 40 times, and doing some running from daddy we headed to this little tunnel. Grace lets out a scream. Will and I were standing right by the tunnel. Inside was Grace, Noah, and that little red-headed boy.


ME:Im sure it was  an accident sweetie.Its okay. Fixing her piggytail, I look around for the childs parents.

 I notice the hair pullers dad is coming right for us. I smiled. He just picked the kid up, with no apology, took the kid BACK to time out. ( time out is apparently the bench when you are misbehaving at the playground.) Time went on, Grace took her battle wounds and continued to enjoy herself. We headed over to the little wooden train, where I pretended to be a passenger, and the kids were the drivers. We were TRYING to drive but that darn train kept breaking down, so we had to keep stopping. We traveled all over the place! Kansas, florida, everywhere! It was a hoot. 3 other girls boarded our train. Poor souls. lol. They dont know my kids have a mother who likes to have imaginary play at the playground, no matter who is in my anyhow, it didnt take them long to get off the train-but before they did, they told me how this little boy with RED HAIR keeps following them and pinching them and pulling their hair

Like I was 7 or something, I said, “Oh my! I know! Hes doing it to us too!” (I paused)Oh how dumb  I must have

lol. Like I was a victim. But all in all, the kid went back to time out. I have to say that i your kid spends more time in time out at the playground, then he does PLAYING, its time to go home.

It  bothers me to see parents like that just sitting there, like their butts fell in quick sand. Just sitting on the bench. Not even watching their offspring! Some mothers take books, some take laptops, others take other people, and talk. Now, If your child is 7 or 8 or so, yes, he can entertain hisself at the playground. He probably dont want him mommy playing with him anyhow. But, you still have to watch him! 7 year olds can fall and get hurt, or get bullied too!

But, most of the time these mothers are mothers of toddlers, preschoolers. How much fun is it to sit on a bench, and not playing with the kids? Why go tot he playground. you might as well stay in your back yard.

this is not only stupid, but dangerous. I have “saved” so very many children under the age of 3, from falling, I lost count. Sometimes I feel lilke NOT  watchin other people’s kids there,cuz I have my own to keep safe.with. But then, what can you do? Let them fall? One time One did fall, but I caught him. He was under 2, and was supposed to be under the care of his older sibling, probably no older than 5! The mother thanked me greatly, but then, went back to her cozy spot on the bench, releasing the child tot he wild wild west…….(ugggh, I mean playground)

“No, I will not push you! Go play!” Who says that to a kid? Well lady, I tell you what one day you will regret that! One day you will wish that you had a small child TO push in the swing. I just don’t see why ppl take their kids to the park and allow them to bully other kids, dont supervise them, or plainly ignore them.

I guess all parents have their own reasons, and are different but it sure is annoying to have to watch. I think I declare that I am done. I will no longer supervise kids that arent mine. I hardly want these children to get hurt. But, something has to teach these parents a lesson! Oh heck,I know I could never do that. But, If Im watching other ppls kids, who is gong to watch my kids? You??? I doubt it.

Okay, so rule number one: Watch your kids, Have fun with them! Pretend! Make believe! Its alot more fun then sitting on your blackberry.

#2Playground Etiquette Rule: Take turns, and share. Dont be selfish or greedy

At a recent visit, Grace wanted to swing. Well, when ya have Cerebral palsy you typically arent doing well in the big kid swings. Noah does semi okay, but mostly just lies on them on his belly. Every time I looked over at the little kid swings, ( there are quite a few) and then a few that lock the child in) there were the same kids on them. A family of 4 or 5 came to the park. They were there before us. They were there when we left. AND WE WERE THERE ABOUT 2 HOURS! So, in the first 30 min. I told sis to wait her turn.

after an hr. the same kids were still being pushed by their parents! We went over to the swings and acted as if we were in line for a spectacular coaster ride or something. I looked at sis and said very politely, ” It will be your turn soon honey, im sure they will take turns” Well, I know the parents, the kids, and the dog heard me. Grace started whining. I sat on a swing, and struggled to swing her on my lap.She was not happy.

We walked away from the swings. 45min. later they were still still swinging. They KNEW she wanted a turn!

However, I couldn’t bring myself to asking them to get off.

I think 15 min. a piece is good enough for a swing ride, if someone is waiting. If no one is waiting, swing away baby! But, if you see a child, smaller than you, could you please get the heck off?

(p.s the kids we were waiting on, cold of easily rode the regular swings)

#3, Snacks and Drinks.

Okay, run a mile. Will you need a drink? Yes, you will. When kids go tot he playground they run and run and run, they fall and fall and run and sweat and play. They need to stay hydrated. When we go to the park, I take my kids big sports water bottles with us, filled with ice water. Or  Gatorade. Sometimes tea. Yes, I give my kids tea. A lot. I’m terrible. Anyhow, the last time we went we skipped the water bottles and took Capri suns. I had about 5 of them.As I have 3 kids. We had chunks of water melon and cantaloupe.

The kids wanted a snack break, they was hot, and thirsty. We went to the pavilion, as I wasnt going to allow them to directly  eat in front of the other kids. So, we went to the picnic area. I had a swarm of kids follow us. And look at us.well, look at me. I sat the kids up on the table, with their drinks and snack. 50% of me felt bad for the on lookers, so I gave them all a big chunk of melon. 🙂 That satisfied them. they ran off. Then, another group of kids came by. I had 3 pieces left. My kids only had about 2 pieces each their selves at this point. They stared at me. I told them to go ask their own parents for fruit, I dont have enough.

Kid: You have 3 more pieces!

Me: Yes- I know.

kid: Can I have one?

Me: Maybe next time hunny, I already gave away the majority of it, and my kids need more too.

Kid:  stomps away mad at me and acts like its my fault that he does not have a drink or snack.

What is a mother to do here????? Arent I being a good mother, taking drinks to the playground!? I cant help it if another child is there and dont have a drink! I wish I could help everyone, but Im not magical, and certainly not rich. I cant supply the whole playground with drinks and snacks like that.

For petes sakes parents, take a bottle of water with you to the park!

This happens alot to us. baseball games,parks, at the fair! the circus! alot of places! If my kids EVER walked up to another kid, whom is a stranger and begged for food, I WOULD DIE! I know I kno, it’s a kid thing, but come on, like, they just wouldn’t do that. They have manners for one.

So, if your taking your kids to the park, play with them, or if you can’t, as some ppl have medical conditions, I understand. I understand you have to sit, but at least watch them for petes sakes! Take some thing for them to drink, and make sure your kids aren’t hogging the swings, or the tunnels, or slides.

#4 Etiquette Rule & Last Rule Until Further Notice;)


Dont get mad at me that your kid gets bonked in the nose by my kids foot, the slide is meant to SLIDE DOWN. not walk up. Its called a slide. Not a Walkup. I do feel bad if my child caused your child a nose bleed. But when your child is hiding in the slide, tryin to walk up it, my kid dont see your kid. Teach your child that doing things wrong, entitles them to getting hurt. Kids will be kids, yes, That is why we have to teach them right from wrong. Start with playground etiquette! Good place to start!

C~ya at the playground!



my morning was so chaotic&Nuts I cant think of a” title” to sum it up. So I wrote this instead.

This morning I leaned two things. When you overuse your snooze button, the family gets grumpy, and………………… My leg is permanently
stuck to my body. Yes indeed, no matter how hard little Noah tried to remove it, it just wasn’t budging. In a way, I felt bad for the kid.

My morning in Slow Motion.


After staying up way to late, watching rented movies and eating greasy Chinese food with my hubby, I died on my pillow at 1:30 am. Knowing I had to be back up at 7:00 to get the kids ready for their summer camp at school/therapy- which they just started attending. This would be their 2 ND day. (They go 5 hours a day, 3 days a week) And do lots of fun things, and take lots of trips to places like the amusement park, rocky gap, fishing, swimming, all kinds of places. You would think the average 4 year old would enjoy this. Not my 4 year old. He is not average.  

I push the snooze button every morning. Normally I GIVE myself about an hour to do this, or else I will be late wherever I go. Yes, I would be
late for my own funeral. Set for 6:00, to get up at 7:00 I hit the snooze button how many times? Well, about 5 times to many. I look up it says 8:00. Super!!!!!!!!!! EIGHT O’Clock my friends! That means we have 30 minutes to get the kids to school. Minuse 6 min. to get the kids in their seats and drive there, minus 10 minutes it takes to WAKE them. So, we got about 2. 3 minutes to get them up, get them dressed and put my own  clothes on!

!?!?!?!?!?!Dang alarm clock, why dont this thing wake me up!!!!!!!!!!!????????

I ran up the stairs, to find will, and grace still snoozing away like they have til noon to sleep in or something. “ITS 8:00” I tell him. “Get Grace up and get her ready, we have to leave in 30 min.” I rush back down stairs, where Noah and I fell asleep last night…..only to discover Noah is still dead to the world. I open the front door, letting in the beautiful sunshine. He doesn’t budge. I walk outside to retrieve the newspaper, because, well, we don’t have a dog to do that job. Then I wonder why Will is not yet up, as I need my morning coffee. Wish he would hurry up I thought! He knows I need my coffee!(which he makes me EVERY morning- why should THIS morning, be any different!)

I go back inside after getting the newspaper, prepared for a morning battle.

Me:”Noah, are you ready for summer camp!?”

Him: “Noooooo” (he rolls over)

Me: Come on bud your going to have a lot of fun today!

Him: (sleeping. ignoring mommy)

Me: Nooooooooooooah…..Come on, start getting awake sweetie….

Me:”We gotta get up and get to camp, your friends are waiting for you”  “Come on hunny, we are running late!”

Him:”YOU LATE!” “Me tired!!!!!!!”

What does he do? Sits up, looks at my puzzled and flops back down. At this point, everyone except for me, is still drooling on their freshly washed pillow cases. I want to drool! I want to drool too!!!! Will brings Grace down, all smiles, all the time that Girl. Maybe we should put HER in charge of the alarm clock???

So, Noah slowly gets awake, and announces he’s ready for camp! Woo hoo ! Let’s go! He’s excited, and ready to pounce out the door. Everyone’s got their hair done, dressed, sunblock on, and everyone ate breakfast,. Oh wait-  they didn’t. Okay so I overslept, so NOBODY ate breakfast. Thank goodness they offer the kids breakfast at school, for all those parents who pick the snooze button over feeding their children the most important meal of the day.

They claim they are not hungry. But want some orange juice. Daddy gets them all a drink. I ask them if they have to pee. No, No and No. We head tot car:

Grace: “I have to pee” ( in a little faint whisper & smile)

Me: “Of course hunny! Of course you do! Becasue…….( oh crap, stop it mom, arguing about it will not help anything.

Grace: *Smiling*

 Why is it that a kid dont have to pee, until you strap them in their car seat? After you lock the front door. After you start the vehicle. Okay- turn the car off, take keys out, back to the house, unlock the door, trip over a pink and white Nike tennis shoe laying in my path, head to the bathroom. Let Grace do her business. Put Nike shoe back where it is supposed to go. Lock up the door. Unlock the door, grab wallet. Lock the door, back to the car. Drive the speed limit up the road.

Running 10 minutes behind, (not to bad I guess-although I look like a raccoon, I’m wearing my pajamas and I haven’t had my coffee yet- thanks to my oversleeping husband) To the school at last! This is where I would have been jumping for joy, but I had kids attached to my legs. If I jumped, I would have smashed them, or at least knocked them silly. And this is where they decide to gang up on mommy and daddy and cry! Cry!! Cry!!! away.

Did we wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Actually, it felt like we woke up in the wrong house completely. We take them in wiping
their little baby tears on the way. Grace refused her walker, Noah wouldn’t get off daddy and Dylan is straggling behind. (Had to bring him along, and he is also grumpy because he got woke up on a day he didn’t have to get up early. “It’s my summer cation!” He demands.                                    UN happy camper #3!!!!!

Once inside the school, the  kids bonded to us like crazy glue. In deepthought, I wondered if this was even worth it. I also wondered why they were
excited to come, and now want to permanently stay on my hip bone.  We take them to sign in. We try to feed them breakfast. They were inconsolable, especially Noah. He wouldn’t even sit down at the little table. His face was as red as a summer strawberry. Grace would’ve been fine, but she saw Noah starting to brew. So- she joined in. Daddy told me and Dylan to go wait i the hall, and he would sneak out. “All right, I reluctantly said”

And when I even Thought about stepping away, Off that chair Noah came! And right onto my right leg. I moved an inch back, he squeezed tighter. Will and the teachers tried to pry him off, he held on stronger. At this point, I wish my leg would just come off! After getting his little paws unstuck, I ran out. Not because I wanted to, I was advised to. It was soo sooo hard. I got teary eyed and really wondered if this was all worth it. BUT- They need their therapy right? This is the place they get it. They would do good, if they stayed on their school time routine,
AND- They dont have to attend on the days we have trips planned. So, it dont sound all that bad, but I am not going to continuebringing them here, if its more of a bad thing then a good.

At this point I have not heard from the school. I hope he calmed down. I hope the teachers still have hair. I hope Grace did not join him. I hope my kids do not cause these adults to run out of the building screaming for their sanity.

Geesh- cofffee is still not made. lol. Better get on that.It will soon be time to attatch the children back to my hip sockets.