Family pictures& Memories

Pictures galore!!!!Memory making Lane!

oldies, and goodies, and favorites and recent pictures of my family and friends. As a family, we should always be continuing to make good memories with one another. making and creating and continuing family traditions. Besides “pictures” you will find “Family Events” on this “page” in the form of a short blog entry. Thanks for stopping by!
updated on March 22nd 2012
twins-4 and a half Dylan 7
The twins!! Grace and Noah. Grace, being the oldest, by 4 minutes.
daughter. Gracie

daughter. Gracie, Noahs twin sister

Noah. Our Son graces twin brother

Me. “A.K.A”.Aunt Ashley

Me with my Niece, Ava.......halloween 2010

(below)……………me, with my kids, nieces and nephews, sister in law, and mother. (aka).Grandma Rita.

pumpkin carving, at "Aunt Ashleys" House. halloween 2010


"Aunt Ashley" With Nephew Colby.

"Aunt Ashley" With Nephew Colby.

“”A boy becomes an adult three years before his parents think he does, and about two years after he thinks he does

Author: Lewis B Hershey“”
My son dylan, on his 6th Birthday (Above)
“A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.”

boys will be boys! Dylan And Noah

Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore.  ~Hindu Proverb

Brotherly Love

****After a girl is grown, her little brothers – now her protectors – seem like big brothers.****

March 21 2011. Updates updates!!
I have not added anything new here for a while now. So , Im updating  this page with some recent pictures and events.

valentines day. me and grace. 2011.

mommy and gracie girl. daddy sure took care of his princess’ on valentines day. We all shared a veryhappy, loving, awesome valentines day. ❤

one of mommys little valentines<3 Noah Rylan. xoxox's for noah!!!

mommy got so many kisses from her boys on valentine day. to sweet. mommy loves you noah!!! and grace and dylan!!! Dylan, youll always be mommys valentine.

and mommys very extra special valentine, Dylan.

Mommys Extra Special Valentine. dylan has been mommys extra special valentine for 6 years now. and no matter how old he gets,he will always be mommys extra special valentine.

Dylan and his new valentine buddy. daddy picked him out this extra soft, extra fluffy puppy pal. A new addition to dylans night time team. lol. SO,  now,  dylan sleeps with this Extra Lg. Pup, , a puppy dog pillow pet, a little Christian Bible Verse Bear,and a “graduation bear.”— that Grandma Fiorita got him for when he graduated preschool last year. also, a spiderman blanket and like 6 pillows. yes,. he sleeps in a twin and yes, all these items have to be linded up strategically in a row, AND COVERED UP so they dont get isnt that sweet??? lol. At least hes caring 🙂 and loving. 🙂

So, other then Valentines day,

Gracie and Noah on St Patricks day 2011. Sporting their green shirts.


grace loving her new boots. I think this makes her 150th pair of shoes??

Recently, Grace asked will to take her to get new tennies shoes. well,. she got new tennis shoes. white little nikes with a pink nike check. adorable. but, when she spotted these, she wasnt letting go. will decided it wasnt worth fighting over, so they brought she can hardly walk in them without her feet coming up out of them, but, she wants to wear them

Noah now wears blue glasses. he just got them this month. this is the first pictuer of him with them on! isnt he just to cute?! kidna reminds me of stewart little. hehe

Noah was recently diagnosed with 2 visison problems. one being his eyes cross and 2)hes farsighted. we are hoping the glsses correct these two vey common problems, before he has to get surgery. Grace too, is now in glasses. hers are pink.

As I dont always like to have my picture taken, I have been trying to get a od recent picture of me. I will kep trying, lol. but, as of now this is the most recent i think.

or this one............????

so…..what else is new? Grace , will and Ijust took a trip to Philli Pa. On March 15th. To the shriners hospital.To see a dr. for her c.p  While the story of events is a whole other blog, here are a few pictues of our travels. This was a scary palce. a garage filled city, full of trash. literally. trash. gangs. drug deals going on, cops,and just very scary. and it wasnt even worth it. The visit to the Shriners Hospital stunk to put it nicely. ( will tell all later) here are some pictures to start…………

playing peek a boo with gracie for like 3 hours while in the shot, lol. This.........would be ME being bored, in thy car.

wow, just noticed how bad the sun lighting was…lol….

just driving thru the city

ihave never ever seen a place like north philli. espcially North  Broad St. you shoud look up the crime rate/drugs/murder rate for that street along. AND THATS THE STREET THAT THE HOSPITAL WAS ON!!! Did I mention that we ARE NOT going back there???

daddy the driver, stopping to stretch his legs a minute...

ewwww look at all the GARBAGE AND TRASH all over the place. and no, it wast just in this spot alone, this is wha the whole remote area looked like were we was staying at. lovely huh??

Grace on the phone at the best western hotel, where we stayed while in Philli. She was talking to her grandmas and brothers back home.

Daddy and Gracie walking into the hotel sports bar. (where they had awesome food) it was really really nice in there. Grace had lots of fun .

daddy and gracie. (best western hotels, sports bar/restaurant)

Gacie, in the hotel, getting ready for bed so she can get up the next morning early, to start the big day at the shriners hopital!!!! (see her supporting her ravens football team??) lol.


we made it!!! Daddy and grace. we are all walking into the shriners hospital here. yay!!!

mommy and sissy. being lazy on the bed at the hotel after our very long car ride to philli. ahhh...a wasnt a comfy bed, but I was laying down. and that.......was.awesome.llolgracie, waiting to be called to be seen, at the shriners hospital.

after the visit. on our way outta there.

So, as you can see, we have been very busy. and it dont end there, I just have no more time to write, right this minute. as always, God bless, and keep checking back for more pictres and updates! we have a trip to Washington, to a big time dr.on April 16th for graces surgery consult. And tomorrow, 3-22-2011 we will be traveling to wv wih Noah to see a neurologist. AND, to get graces new A.F.O.’s ( foot and ankle braces)

leaving philli, to come back to Frostburg Md. THIS, was the traffic jam we were stuck in.we went one mile every hour. wasnt fun. guess thats what they call rush


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